Defence and international affairs (Commons Library briefings)

Really useful selection of Commons Library research briefings for a general debate on defence and international affairs in the Commons Chamber on 24 January 2024.

Topics covered:

  • Middle East: Houthis, Yemen, Israel, Hamas, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iran
  • Ukraine
  • Africa – notable how BIG Africa is and how few reports there are on it here
  • Asia: Taiwan and China
  • Defence: disruptive technologies, undersea infrastructure, parliamentary approval for military action
  • Armed forces
  • Arms exports
  • AUKUS submarine
  • Nuclear weapons, including the Iran nuclear deal and UK deterrent
  • International development, including aid spend reductions
  • International organisations: how the UN works and UK’s role
  • Rwanda
  • Pandemics
  • And finally: space!

MPs who left or were removed from the Commons Chamber

Here’s an interesting Excel dataset on MPs who left or were removed from the Commons Chamber, compiled by Sarah Priddy of Commons Library.

Dennis Skinner got kicked out in 2005 for saying, “The only thing growing then were the lines of coke in front of boy George [Osborne]…”

Dawn Butler now added for calling out Boris Johnson’s lies.

MPs who have withdrawn from the Commons Chamber or who have been suspended