Greetings 👋

Personal website – any views expressed herein are my own unless otherwise obvious.

I’m Andi (they/them), co-director of social policy and programme evaluation at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) in London, UK. I am fond of theory-driven approaches to evaluation.

My PhD was on the psychology of reasoning and I have an MSc in neuroinformatics (neuroscience and computational modelling), both from the University of Edinburgh. I originally trained in computer science (Queen’s University Belfast).

You might be interested in my publications, a collection of tutorials I wrote (2020) on learning stats for social science using R, or some web apps I developed to assist teaching. I also blog now and again.

I’m a fully-licenced amateur radio operator (callsign M0INF) so can transmit at up to 400 Watts; however, I work around 2-4 W using an antenna inside a London flat, experimenting with verrry slooow but robust digital modes like WSPR and FT8 with the help of the ionosphere. Here is R code for querying a WSPR spot database.

I also use GitHub (mostly for dumping R code scraps), Mastodon, and Bluesky.