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Intervening mechanism evaluation

‘The intervening mechanism evaluation approach assesses whether the causal assumptions underlying a program are functioning as stakeholders had projected (Chen, 1990). […] It is not always labeled in the same way by those who apply it. Some evaluators have referred to it as “theory of change evaluation” (Connell, Kubisch, Schorr, & Weiss, 1995) or “theory-based evaluation” (Rogers, Hasci, Petrosino, & Huebner, 2000; Weiss, 1997).’

Chen, H. T. (2015, p. 312). Practical Program Evaluation: Theory-Driven Evaluation and the Integrated Evaluation Perspective. SAGE Publications Ltd.

At 3 a.m, by Wendy Cope

At 3 a.m.

the room contains no sound
except the ticking of the clock
which has begun to panic
like an insect, trapped
in an enormous box.

Books lie open on the carpet.

Somewhere else
you’re sleeping
and beside you there’s a woman
who is crying quietly
so you won’t wake.

Sleepless night, by Rachel Piercey

Three a.m., in bed,
and though the lamp’s neck
is twisted back

the light’s still harsh,
stripping my fictions
of red lips and composure

right back to character
as first conceived:
a few adjectives

before they’re fleshed out,
sketching me
in a single moment —

words that will never
see the light of day.