Sexual orientation and gender identity: Census 2021 in England and Wales

Hot off the press: Data and supporting information about sexual orientation and gender identity from Census 2021 in England and Wales.

Gender, where different to AGAB:

  • 48,000 (0.10%) identified as a trans man
  • 48,000 (0.10%) identified as a trans woman
  • 30,000 (0.06%) identified as non-binary
  • 18,000 (0.04%) wrote in a different gender identity

Sexuality, where non-het:

  • 748,000 (1.5%), described themselves as gay or lesbian
  • 624,000 (1.3%) described themselves as bisexual
  • 165,000 (0.3%) selected “Other sexual orientation”, which were mostly:
    • pansexual (112,000, 0.23%)
    • asexual (28,000, 0.06%)
    • queer (15,000, 0.03%)

Loads of tables by geographical region, e.g., LA.

Migration and the Value of Social Networks

I haven’t read this working paper yet – just struck by this dataset:

“We leverage a rich new source of ‘digital trace’ data to provide a detailed empirical perspective on how social networks influence the decision to migrate. These data capture the entire universe of mobile phone activity in Rwanda over a five-year period. Each of roughly one million individuals is uniquely identified throughout the dataset, and every time they make or receive a phone call, we observe their approximate location, as well as the identity of the person they are talking to. From these data, we can reconstruct each subscriber’s 5-year migration trajectory, as well as a detailed picture of their social network before and after migration

MPs who left or were removed from the Commons Chamber

Here’s an interesting Excel dataset on MPs who left or were removed from the Commons Chamber, compiled by Sarah Priddy of Commons Library.

Dennis Skinner got kicked out in 2005 for saying, “The only thing growing then were the lines of coke in front of boy George [Osborne]…”

Dawn Butler now added for calling out Boris Johnson’s lies.

MPs who have withdrawn from the Commons Chamber or who have been suspended