“Discussions of minor problems in traditional logic are in these days generally regarded as a bore. They are commonly prefaced by an apology, and the people who chance to see such things in print, wearily remark, ‘Good Lord, yet another one!’ Such is the fashion. We are apt to forget that boredom is often the shadow cast by an enthusiasm; and that the wailing from him who is bored, is the complaint of one who can neither escape from, nor enter into, the interest which, for these very reasons, is to him so exasperatingly stale and unprofitable. This does not mean that all men are under a moral obligation to delight in what interests any one of them. But neither should the lone individual tremble at the possibility that what interests him may weary others. Rather let him state his interest plainly, and to those who fail to share it, wish a kindly ‘God speed’ as they depart.”

– Roelofs, H. D. (1927). The Distribution of Terms. Mind, 36, 281-291.