Telling Strangers, by Sophie Hannah

I’m telling strangers how I feel.
I simply blurt it out.
I tell them that my love is real
And pure, and free of doubt.

Some blush, while others beam with pride.
Yesterday, in the queue
At Sainsbury’s, I terrified
A lanky youth or two.

My heart is running wild, I say,
With need I can’t conceal.
I find it easy to convey
To strangers how I feel.

I’m sure it can’t do any harm.
They’re flattered; I’ve confessed.
They’re entertained; I’m spent and calm.
I’ve got it off my chest.

To you, I’d never dare express
The truth. I care too much.
There’s no way round this, not unless
You fail to keep in touch,

Ignore me, join the ranks of men
From whom I am estranged.
I promise I will tell you then.
My feelings won’t have changed.