UK Google searches for “conscription”

There seems to be more press coverage suggesting that conscription will be likely in the UK in the coming years. This was seemingly prompted by Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer’s intervention on 17 Jan 2024, which was followed by other comments, e.g., by Gen Sir Patrick Sanders on 23rd, a flutter of comment on Gen Z’s apparent reluctance to go to war, and a YouGov poll.

I was curious to discover what press coverage is doing to Google searches. Let’s have a look at Google Trends. First, zooming into the last seven days:

Searches began to pick up around 9pm on the 23rd, peaking 11pm on the 24th before fading out again:

Date Searches
2024-01-23T20 1
2024-01-23T21 2
2024-01-23T22 4
2024-01-23T23 6
2024-01-24T00 8
2024-01-24T01 8
2024-01-24T02 14
2024-01-24T03 25
2024-01-24T04 22
2024-01-24T05 28
2024-01-24T06 37
2024-01-24T07 43
2024-01-24T08 38
2024-01-24T09 35
2024-01-24T10 38
2024-01-24T11 46
2024-01-24T12 61
2024-01-24T13 71
2024-01-24T14 70
2024-01-24T15 69
2024-01-24T16 64
2024-01-24T17 75
2024-01-24T18 85
2024-01-24T19 82
2024-01-24T20 78
2024-01-24T21 72
2024-01-24T22 92
2024-01-24T23 100
2024-01-25T00 86
2024-01-25T01 81
2024-01-25T02 78
2024-01-25T03 71
2024-01-25T04 58
2024-01-25T05 57
2024-01-25T06 67
2024-01-25T07 75
2024-01-25T08 65
2024-01-25T09 55

That’s a notably bigger increase than over the past year:

Zooming out, this year’s spike is more pronounced than one in Feb 2022, coinciding with Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the 24th.

Here’s all the data:

(Corrected final two graphs on 4 Feb 2024 to take account of all data in Jan 2024.)