From Andrew Scott and Olivia Colman See You Taking Creepshots in Interview Magazine (April 4, 2024):

OLIVIA COLMAN: I’ve just done a week of press and Jessie [Buckley] and I were going a bit stir-crazy with the same questions. My lovely PR said, “Should we turn it into a drinking game?” So she gave all the journalists mimosas and said, “If anybody asks the same question, you have to drink.” Then the whole thing was fun.

ANDREW SCOTT: I bet you were hammered.

COLMAN: Yeah. It was brilliant.

SCOTT: And I bet the question that you drank the most to was, “What did you think when you first read the script?”

COLMAN: Oh my god. That’s it. Or, “What drew you to this?”

SCOTT: Yeah, me and Paul [Mescal] had it just recently on All of Us Strangers and that was our big one. But it’s amazing when somebody asks you a really offbeat question. You’re immediately energized by it, because the thing is, you’re never going to say, “Well, I was the seventh choice for this part, and I did this because I’m in a huge amount of debt.”

COLMAN: I have occasionally said that. “I had a huge tax bill, so it came at the right time.”

SCOTT: [Laughs] But it’s a very weird thing to try and speak about how absolutely feral you feel sometimes in that interview room. Do you know what the other one is? “Any funny stories?”