Reclaiming the term “theory-based”

Excited to discover a triple of 2024 publications that use the broader conception of theory-based evaluation that includes trials and quasi-experiments, as the term was introduced by Fitz-Gibbon and Morris (1975) and used by, e.g., Chen and Rossi (1980), Coryn et al., (2011), Weiss (1997), Funnell and Rogers, P. J. (2011), Chen (2015), and many others.

I hope the next Magenta Book update has a more nuanced approach that includes RCTs and QEDs under theory-based, alongside, e.g., QCA and uses of Bayes’ rule to reason about qual evidence.

The new:

Bonell, C., Melendez-Torres, G. J., & Warren, E. (2024). Realist trials and systematic reviews: Rigorous, useful evidence to inform health policy. Cambridge University Press.

Matta, C., Lindvall, J., & Ryve, A. (2024). The Mechanistic Rewards of Data and Theory Integration for Theory-Based Evaluation. American Journal of Evaluation, 45(1), 110–132.

Schmidt, R. (2024). A graphical method for causal program attribution in theory-based evaluation. Evaluation, online first.

Key older texts:

Chen, H.-T., & Rossi, P. H. (1980). The Multi-Goal, Theory-Driven Approach to Evaluation: A Model Linking Basic and Applied Social Science. Social Forces, 59, 106–122.

Chen, H.-T., & Rossi, P. H. (1983). Evaluating With Sense: The Theory-Driven Approach. Evaluation Review, 7(3), 283–302.

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