R. D. Laing – as remembered by his son Adrian

“Ronnie rapped the door loudly, until it was eventually answered by people roused from their beds, wondering what the racket was all about. As we fell inside, Ronnie noticed a life-size sculpture of Jesus on the Cross at the end of the hall. ‘Just the man I want to talk to,’ he exclaimed, staggering over to the silent, dignified icon. He began embracing the sculpture in what can only be described as a familiar manner. By now, quite a crowd had assembled from out of the numerous guest rooms. There was absolutely no doubt what was going on. R.D. Laing had arrived and he was steaming drunk. As if making the ultimate ‘fuck-you’ gesture to the world in general, and the good Christian residents of Fatima House in particular, Ronnie began slobbering over the statue’s arse. Paul and I could no longer restrain ourselves, and convulsed in hysterical laughter on the floor.”

– Adrian Laing (1997), R D Laing: A Biography.