Mastodon and R

Encoding binary data in hashtags

Problem: you want to encode arbitrary binary data as a hashtag on Mastodon or another social media platform.

A solution: transform to a hex string and shift the \(0, 1, 2 \ldots, f\) up to \(a, b, c \ldots, p\) so all the bytes are lowercase Latin characters.

Example: #gihehehahddkcpcphhhhhhcohjgphfhehfgcgfcogdgpgncphhgbhegdgidphgdngefbhhdehhdjfhghfigdfb

Repo here

Accessing the Mastodon API via {rtoots}

I was curious to know if there’s a positive correlation between the total number of users on a server and how many followers I have from that server. {rtoots} to the rescue…

Repo here