Martin Creed defines dadaism

Vic Reeves: “You got anything that’s Dadaesque in here?”

Martin Creed: “Er, I don’t, well, I don’t know about, I don’t know, maybe a lot of it is because I think it’s sort of a bit stupid.”

Vic Reeves: “Yeah.”

Martin Creed: “You know? I think that’s what Dada is. Aye, like being stupid.”

Vic Reeves: “But there’s political meaning and then you’ve got to balance that with the daftness or the stupidness.”

Martin Creed: “Right, aye.”

Vic Reeves: “Cos I’d probably fall on the daft side.”

Martin Creed: “I would go…I think I would definitely fall on the stupid side.”

Vic Reeves: “You’d be even further, right the other end!”

Martin Creed: “Yeah. Cos I think it’s like more, you know, it’s more like life, cos life’s stupid.”

Gaga for Dada: The Original Art Rebels (2016)