Hypothesis testing for categorical predictors

Interesting update to {ggeffects}, by Daniel Lüdecke:

A reason to compute adjusted predictions (or estimated marginal means) is to help understanding the relationship between predictors and outcome of a regression model. In particular for more complex models, for example, complex interaction terms, it is often easier to understand the associations when looking at adjusted predictions instead of the raw table of regression coefficients.

The next step, which often follows this, is to see if there are statistically significant differences. These could be, for example, differences between groups, i.e. between the levels of categorical predictors or whether trends differ significantly from each other.

The ggeffects package provides a function, hypothesis_test(), which does exactly this: testing differences of adjusted predictions for statistical significance. This is usually called contrasts or (pairwise) comparisons. This vignette shows some examples how to use the hypothesis_test() function and how to test whether differences in predictions are statistically significant.

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