Assertiveness role play, by Lorraine Mariner

I am your work colleague, neighbour and friend.
I have a dog. I’m always going away for the weekend
and expect you to look after my dog which means
you can’t go anywhere. You’ve had enough.
I say Hi Michael. How are you? You say Fine.
I say I’m off to Rome. You say That’s nice.
I say I’ll drop Rover round on Friday. You say No
and use your broken record; Lorraine, I’m sorry,
I’m not going to look after your dog any more
I want to be free at the weekend. I’m supposed to
keep asking and you’re supposed to keep saying
I’m not going to look after your dog again
but instead you touch my leg and say Ok
bring round your dog. How can I refuse you?
The trainer is not impressed. She doesn’t think
you’re taking this course seriously. Other pairs
are still in role so we have time to kill and I ask you
if you like dogs and you tell me you don’t because Of
a stupid Afghan Hound you had as a child, while
the part of me deep inside that knows what it wants
says Forget my dog. He’s a figment of the trainer’s
imagination – you are not. I noticed when we had
to share one thing we like to do, with the group
at the start of the course, yours was going to an
Italian class. Well. I’m learning the language too
only I didn’t like to say m case you thought I was
making it up but… vieni a Roma con me.
This will be my broken record; Come with me to Rome.
I’ve never been and the ice cream I’m planning to eat
on the Spanish Steps is too big for one. To show
that we mean business the trainer says we need a limit,
something that we will do if our needs don’t seem
to be getting met. Not an empty threat. What you say
you have to see through. Michael, come with me to Italy
or my dog will bite you. Or I will. My bottom line.