Algorithmically infused societies

“We are witnessing the emergence of algorithmically infused societies who are shaped by deeply entangled algorithmic and human processes and behaviour […]. Algorithms—and the tools, services and platforms they power—mediate social, economic and political processes by shaping a wide range of activities and decision-making practices across many areas. Algorithmic influence can be observed in how people consume information or cultural artefacts and how they interact with others. This influence is also increasingly tangible in many high-stakes areas, such as healthcare, credit scoring, law enforcement and employment. Although algorithms can provide many benefits, including efficiency, objectivity, auditability, fairness and social good, they can also amplify—either inadvertently or purposefully—existing inequalities and biases in society, or might even introduce new ones.”

– Wagner, C., Strohmaier, M., Olteanu, A., Kıcıman, E., Contractor, N., & Eliassi-Rad, T. (2021) [Measuring algorithmically infused societies. Nature, 595(7866), 197–204.]